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2023 Design Trend Forecast


Greetings and Happy New Year! We hope this post finds you well, rested, and ready for a fresh start in 2023. In the spirit of goal setting and resolutions, we are excited to be debuting our new blog! In addition to our newsletter and social platforms, the blog will be a place for us to share design advice, showcase current projects and revisit much-loved home designs, discuss trends, recommend products, and share our passion for all things home. Clark & Co. has a big year ahead and we can't wait to take you along for the ride!

Our first post fittingly discusses five categories we see trending in home design for 2023. Dan and I have the privilege of traveling at the end of January to Las Vegas Furniture Market, The International Builder Show, and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas and it will be interesting to see if the trends we have predicted here will be reinforced at these events or if we have more new and exciting products and solutions to share.

We're so glad you're here and we welcome your thoughts as we gather ideas for new posts this year. What design dilemmas are you struggling with in your own homes? How can we make our content more valuable to you? Feel free to respond in the comments or leave us your thoughts on our social platforms. We'd love to hear from you!

Without further ado, here are our predictions for what will be trending in home design for 2023:

- Emily and Dan

2023 Design Trends

Statement-Making Color

Clark & Co. Homes, The Miramar

Clark & Co. Homes, The Miramar

Neutral, serene color palettes dominated home design in 2022, featuring inviting soft seating with an emphasis on texture for both hard and soft goods. Boucle fabrics, chunky weaves, caning and other woven organics reigned in popularity. The Clark & Co. style of "cottagecore", coastal, and variants of the farmhouse remain very popular. Yes, it's our design love language, but that doesn't mean we aren't ready to offer something new for 2023.

Are you ready for a big shift?

2023 is coming in with a bolder, bright, statement-making individualism. We anticipate a renewed interest in richer, deeper, more vibrant color palettes. While the Clark & Co. brand continues to provide fan-favorite neutral palette home design and interiors, we are equally excited to show you another side of Clark & Co. with more saturated color, even broader dimension and a variety of textures.


Design for Wellness

Clark & Co. Homes, The Miramar

Post-pandemic, homeowners have embraced a deeper level of environmental awareness and it's importance in overall well-being. This awareness will translate into wellness-driven design at home, particularly in amenities that support and enhance the 5 senses.

Spa-like features such as steam showers with light and aroma therapy, free-standing soaking tubs and washlet toilet designs are some of the most asked for elements in a 2023 bath. We will also see a blurring of the lines between grooming and living areas, with primary suites including soft seating, drapes, rugs and other furnishing elements to enhance the user experience and encourage warmth. Special attention will be paid to light and sound design through automated smart home technology. We also anticipate seeing more and more biophilic design elements being included, particularly through large windows, botanical wallcoverings, and indoor plants whether real or faux.


Old World Charm and Craftmanship

The Clark & Co. aesthetic has always leaned heavily toward clean-lined traditionalism. We are happy to see old-world details we love making a resurgence in popularity for 2023. Master craftmanship will be on display, but in more intentional and focused ways, with a resurgence of interest in warm, rich wood tones, specialized inlay and hand-hewn details. A little goes a long way! Islands designed to look like furniture pieces, touches of hand-painted patterned tiles, plasterwork silhouettes, and simplified millwork details will add that personal, hand-touched feel to our spaces that we are craving.

Interior furnishings will follow suit, highlighting individual expression through a mixture of old and new. Classic upholstery silhouettes in high-tech performance fabrics offer a neutral base on which to build layers of pattern and texture to personalize a space. Art, sculptural elements, heirlooms, antiques, and thrifted finds add personality and a sense of history to newly constructed spaces. Our Design Team specializes in helping curate personalized classic style.

Clark & Co. Homes, The Miramar


Multi-Generational and Aging In Place Design

Over the past couple years, Clark & Co. is seeing more and more requests for homes that can flex to fit the needs of families in all stages of life. Home designs featuring main floor dual primary suites, for instance, allow homeowners the option of both accessibility and privacy as sleeping needs evolve.

Floor plans featuring separate suites with their own outside access, mini kitchens, laundry facilities and bathrooms grant independence as well as connection for adult children living at home or for caretaking of older but still active family members.

Home features that extend the livability of a home as we age are also in high demand. Some of these considerations include zero-threshold showers, wide doorways and hallways, standing height appliances, lever-style door handles and bar style cabinetry hardware, and high-contrast interior surfaces for greater visibility.

Clark & Co. Homes, Charleston Coastal


Texture & Patina

Organic materials, curves, chunky weaves, matte paint finishes and honed surfaces, rough, hand-hewn textures--all design elements that are trending in interior design right now, perhaps in reaction to the over-sanitized couple of years we've all just experienced. Homeowners are longing for human connection and are finding it in the warmth that comes from layers of texture and history. Consider brushed bronze for light and plumbing fixtures, or even unlacquered brass for a finish that will refine and develop overtime a living patina.

Design elements work better when there's contrast, so to keep things from feeling one-note, juxtapose something organic next to something smooth and glassy, or something solid and industrial next to something curvy and feminine for maximum impact.


Design Tip, Incorporating Antiques, Heirlooms and Thrifted Pieces

Above are some examples of interior design incorporating antiques, heirlooms and/or thrifted pieces. These are great examples of showcasing old world pieces next to new finishes. This is an easy way to add some unique character and history to your home.

If you are not lucky enough to have any heirloom pieces like this yet, you would be amazed at what you can find from Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, local thrift stores, consignment shops OR tucked away in a storage unit or family member's garage... a beautiful piece that may just need some refinishing to bring it back to life.

One of our favorite resources for a refinishing project is General Finishes. If you are a new to refinishing furniture or experienced, you can find informative tips and product recommendations, including how-to tutorials!

You can source General Finishes products in Boise at Woodcraft.

Photo Credit:

  • Tuxedo Park Residence, Harrison Design


  • Birdcagewalk


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