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middleton, idaho

Our feedback for Clark & Co Homes is easy said, anyone who can survive a build with our family is not only a true professional but someone who deserves your attention.  We have strong taste preferences, an eye for perfection and we are frugal to a tight tolerance.  The Clark & Co team exceeded expectations in every detail of the build, we are very proud of and happy with our home!!  We have also come away with new friends, an excellent team we are proud to be associated with!! For the emerging buyer, if you are discriminating in design, expect quality craftsmanship, like being surprised with little extras at no charge, and like being handled with respect, all this at an affordable price, you've come to the right place.  Invite you to enjoy the ride with Clark & Company!!

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eagle, idaho

Building my home with Dan and the team at Clark & Co Homes has been a great experience. Dan never fails to address my questions, concerns and ideas - both small and large. As I watch my home progressing through the build process, I'm amazed by the quality and workmanship. Although we are still some weeks from completion, I am certain that this will be the home that I have dreamed of for decades.

Rendering - Allen Residence - 10-14-14.j
Brian LisA

garden valley, idaho

My husband and I have hired Clark & Co to build our vacation home in Garden Valley. We have been so impressed with the homes that Dan has built and we feel so fortunate to have Dan building our dream vacation home.  Dan has been so patient answering all of our questions and addressing all of our concerns and requests.  From the largest aspect of the home building to the smallest details, Dan has made sure that our home is exactly what we want.  In addition to Dan, his team of professionals has gone above and beyond to help us in the building of our home.  We have been so please with the professionalism and courtesy.  We highly recommend Clark & Co Homes.

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Barb Dopp

meridian, idaho

Working with Dan Clark and his team at Clark & Co homes has been  a tremendous experience!!  Dan is a great communicator and takes fantastic care of his clients.  He is prompt in responding to his clients ideas as well as addressing concerns.  Communication is  one of his strengths.  Matt and Greg are fantastic as foremen,  insuring that projects run smoothly, and Emily's sense of design is fearless!!  Clark & Co homes are distinctive!!  In decades, I believe that a Clark & Co homes will easily be recognized!  Thank you for the opportunity Dan and Emily, to represent Clark & Co Homes!!! 

Al & Patty

boise, idaho

We are very delighted with the new home we have made the way we wanted and in the area we wanted. Clark & Co Homes is there to help you through the process. If I wanted to build again, I will be using Dan and his crew. Thanks!

Clark_10922 Dason_012-(ZF-9690-02722-1-0
Mike & renee

boise, idaho

Three words that describe the construction process you are building with such success: Integrity - Quality construction comes from within before it can show on the outside. Intelligence - The plans, the details, the competence, the artistic expression. It's all there. Innovation - Flexibility to allow your homes to become what the owners are dreaming of without compromising quality or creativity...that takes talent! We love our new home and appreciate ALL who have brought it to the finish line have done. Thank you!

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